• J6
  • H.A.L


  • Bounty Hunter Shop


  • H.A.L's Quests

Map Name: Hyperium

Room Limit: 12

Access Points:

  • Banzai
  • J6's Secret Hideout Map - 525X - 275Y
  • Map of Lore (After finishing Zephyrus)

AI: Defense Turrets are aggressive when you past through it


  • This is a locked zone
  • If you have completed the first VR Room mission the defense turret will not attack.
  • To Unlock the Armory,  you must click on the gauges in he order of 2-3-5-7-11, imagining that they are analouge clocks.
  • Needed the Coordinates to Hyperium to access this location.
  • Must Own Datadisk 5 to access Moon yard B of Planet Westion
  • Must Own Datadisk 4 to access Banzai
  • If you've managed to defeat the Defense Turrets, you'll be able to see invisible.
  • Screen 1
  • Screen 2
  • Screen 3
  • Screen 4
  • Screen 5
  • Elevator
  • VR Room
  • HAL System
  • Last Room

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