Ebil Corp Creeper


Location: Oasis

Level: 30

Difficulty: 3 Stars

Total HP: 3,453


Tempoarily Dropped ItemsEdit

  • Cactus Creeper Head (Dropped during the 'Crafty Creepers: A Favorite of Mine' quest)
  • Cactus Fig (Dropped during the 'Delectable Desert Desserts' quest)
  • Cactus Oil (Dropped during the 'Salon Quality Shampoo' quest)
  • Crystallized Sand (Dropped during 'The Ebil Sand' quest)
  • Ebil Tokens
  • Lemon (Dropped during the 'Get Your Pinks Whiter' quest)
  • Liter of Cactus Water (Dropped during the 'Thieves are Lye-able' quest)
  • Prickly Pear (Dropped during the 'What's for Desert?' quest)
  • Purest Water (Dropped during the 'Oberon's Bouquet' quest) Member Only
  • Sandsea Cotton (Dropped during the 'Oasis Ornaments' quest)
  • Water (Dropped during the 'Biscuits and a Side of Bacon' quest)

Items DroppedEdit

  • Ebil Chunks (Dropped during the 'Chunin tokens for members' quest)
  • Ebil Fragments (Dropped during the 'Chunin token' quest)
  • Treasure Chest

Note: Also see Cactus Creeper

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