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  • edit Chaos Lords
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: 3rd Chaos Lord (Vath):
  • new page Chaos Lords
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Contents[show] Chaos Lords Edit History Edit There were 13 heroes who defeated Mother of Monsters (or Queen of Monsters) long years ago in Lore,...
  • edit Mithril Man
    edited by Darrathualin diff
    Added photo:
  • new page Mithril Man
    created by Darrathualin
    New page: Location: Crash Site Level; 18 Difficulty:  2 Stars Total Hp: 10,000 10,338 Attacks:  Lazer Strike: 40-50 140-170 Electronic Pound: 140-170 ...
  • edit Deactivated Bot's Quests
    edited by Darrathualin diff
  • new page Deactivated Bot's Quests
    created by Darrathualin
    New page: QuestLocation: Moonyard Quest Begun From: Deactivated Bot Note: Quests can only be completed once. A gate and a terrible MonsterEdit Requirements: ...
  • new page Junkyard Wall
    created by Darrathualin
    New page: Location: Moonyard Level: 40 Difficulty: 1 Star Total HP: 49,003 Attacks: Rattle: 0 Temporary Items Dropped: Gate Unlocked (Dropped during the...
    Added photo:
  • new page Moon Yard
    created by Darrathualin
    New page: Monsters: Junkyard Wall NPCs: Deactivated Bot Shops: J6 Moonyard Map Name: Moonyard Room Limits: 6 Access Points:  Hyperium Starship's VR Room ...
    Added photos:
  • new page 50% Chop Shop
    created by Darrathualin
    New page: Location: Artix - Doom War (Location) Note: This shop was unlocked when the Doom War meter reached 50% Name Price Undead Ninja Chain 23,...
    Added photos:
  • new page Taro's Quests
    created by Darrathualin
    New page: Member Only Requirements:  Purified Claymore of Destiny Rank 10 Good Hello my friend, my meditation is complete and my mind is clear. If your aura...

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